4 Reasons Why You Should Moisturise Your Skin…

Hello everyone and welcome back to blog! Happy Easter to you all – I hope you are having a lovely day eating lots of chocolate!!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Sunday without a skincare post! So today I am talking all about moisturising and why it is so important.

Let’s start with a question; hands up if you’ve ever felt too lazy to moisturise?? Yep me!! Or maybe not lazy, perhaps you’ve just been in such a rush, you haven’t had time to moisturise – I can say yes to that one too! I think the majority of us will have all felt like that at some point.

Moisturisers, also known as emollients, are complex mixtures of chemical agents specially made to make the external layers of the skin more flexible and softer and they are used for protecting, moisturising, and lubricating the skin. They can also help in protecting sensitive skin, improving skin tone and masking imperfections. As I always say, when it comes to skincare products, it’s about finding the right one for you, so make sure you do some research, read reviews and take time when choosing a moisturiser. It’s essential to moisturise as it replenishes your skin with moisture that it may have lost during cleansing/showering etc.

Does anyone else have that one step in their beauty routine that you only do because you know other people do it? Or perhaps you do it because you feel like you should, but you don’t know the benefits. So, this is why I have written this blog, to tell you all the reasons why you need to moisturise and what benefits you will get from it.

So, let’s get onto the benefits of moisturising, because like all other skincare steps, it can feel a bit like a chore. I think once you know the benefits of it, it might make it feel less like a chore, and more like a habit!

  1. Reduces the appearance of other blemishes – when you have freshly moisturised skin, it leaves a healthy sheen which can even out your skin tone and any blemishes you may have.
  2. Helps prevent any further breakouts – if you moisturise your skin daily, it can reduce any chances of skin problems because moisturisers help to balance your skin’s complexion and helps fight against any acne/dry skin.
  3. Applying makeup is easier – this sounds so basic but it’s true! When you have fresh, hydrated, moisturised skin, your makeup will apply so much better, giving it a smooth and seamless surface as its base! What’s not to love about that?
  4. Reduces appearance of fine lines/wrinkles – we all want younger looking skin when we are older, right? So this is why you need to moisturise! Your skin will be more hydrated which will protect your skin against fine lines and wrinkles developing in general. It also makes sure your skin is stronger, firmer and more radiant looking! A lot of moisturisers do have anti-aging ingredients in which ultimately help to diminish any fine lines or wrinkles.

I know this post is about the benefits of moisturising, but I thought I would also add in a little bit about how to moisturise properly (I guess this will benefit you as well if it’s done the correct way!)

The first thing to remember is to never aggressively rub the moisturise into your skin because this can cause damage and make your face quite sore. So rather than rubbing, it’s always best to pat the moisturiser into you skin because the product can be evenly distributed without any damage to your skin cells. Make sure you work the product into your skin going right down to your neck as well! I always think of it as me giving myself a facial – if you’ve ever had a facial, you will know what it feels like! So I always use gentle, circular strokes (which is the same as when you have a facial) as this can reduce puffiness and also ensures the product is soaked well into the skin.

Like I said previously, Moisturising is a step that many people leave out of their skincare routine, because they see it as an optional step and probably don’t understand how it benefits your skin. So many moisturisers contain vitamins and other beneficial ingredients, which is an added bonus for your skin, so why wouldn’t you want to use a moisturiser? Using a moisturiser that is well suited to your skin type is crucial to keep your skin healthy and it is an important step in your skin care routine so go out and treat yourself!

Have a lovely Easter Sunday everyone!

Grace x


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