New Year, New Goals…

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to you all – I hope you had a lovely Christmas & New Year!

This time of year is where we see a huge influx of ‘New Year, New Me’ blog posts and Instagram captions but don’t let this pressure you into thinking you have to do the same – it can be; New Year, Same Me!

Time to reflect:

Life //

2021 was a weird year. I don’t even know where to begin when I reflect on 2021, it was yet another crazy year and at the start of the year I thought this is going to a hell of a long year if we’re in lockdown for the majority of it! However, it did go surprisingly quick and I was lucky enough to go on several days out and weekends away – so I definitely did more than I thought I would! New Year’s resolutions are not for me anymore, it’s unnecessary pressure and the goals I want to achieve in my personal life are quite big, so it’s very daunting and added pressure is not needed.

Blogging //

I was really happy with my 2021 blog posts – I set myself goals and achieved them all which is amazing! I even achieved dreams that I never thought I would, so I really am proud of myself and I hope 2022 brings more goals & plenty more achievements. I feel as though I have found my niche and I am pleased I have finally gained such an amazing following on here and on social media – you guys really are special!

Here’s to the future:

Of course, I have my own personal life goals which I like to keep quite private, however, I also have sooo many more blogging goals to share with you…

2022 goals:

  • Gain more followers and interact with you all more
  • Continue to post consistently
  • Work and collaborate with other bloggers
  • More brand deals (Revolution Skincare would be a dream!)
  • Create even more exciting content

The list is endless and I will continue to add to it throughout the year (and tick off any goals I achieve!) The content will range from lifestyle and beauty to motivation and inspiration; 4 topics that are extremely close to my heart. The kind of content you can expect to see can be beauty/skincare routines, top tips to stay motivated, self-love advice, girl power and personal blog posts as well. Trust me there is a huge range of content coming your way and I am sooo excited to get started. My blogging diary is full up and I have prepped and prepared so I hope you are ready!

Here’s to a new year and the same old me because what’s the point in constantly trying to change yourself when really you can just accept yourself for who you are! 2022 is the year of accepting and loving yourself – bring it on!

Please stay positive during these crazy times, better times are coming! I hope 2022 is full of chasing your dreams, achieving goals and making the most out of your life!

Thankyou for your continued support and let’s hope 2022 is a good year for us all! (WORK HARD EVERYONE!!)

Grace x


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