5 Steps To Become More Zen…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all well!

Today’s post is all about mindfulness and becoming more ‘zen’ – because this is the vibe we need throughout 2022, right?

Mindfulness is about knowing directly what is going on inside and outside of ourselves and our lives. Its all about our awareness of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours so that we can allow ourselves to live in the present moment. It’s about learning to live in the moment, so it’s the life you are living rather than the one you used to live or one you wish you were living. Mindfulness is about learning how your mind works and how to cope with stress so you can enjoy the present.

Becoming more ‘zen’ doesn’t always mean achieving goals/aspirations, it can literally be as simple as enjoying your life, living in the moment and experiencing peacefulness. By practising mindfulness, you will be able to slow things down and give yourself the time you need to relax which will ultimately lead you to a more zen lifestyle. I have put together some steps to help you become more zen, here we go!!

Step 1 – Allow for space in your daily routine

I know we like to get as much done in a day as we can, but sometimes it’s good to leave space for other things that may crop up. Try to minimise the tasks and chores you need to complete everyday and leave free time in your schedule. If your day is too busy, your focus will be drawn elsewhere and you will be worrying about what you need to accomplish later, rather than what’s right in front of you. Remember to do one thing at a time, do it well and then you can move onto the next project/task.

Step 2 – Think more positively

This is probably the most difficult thing to ask, but try and change how you react in certain situations; easier said than done, I know! Try to put a positive spin on everything, even when it seems like that’s not an option. I’m not saying to ignore your negative thoughts/emotions, you can still accept these as we all get them, but take a moment to think about how you can change these negative feelings or thoughts into more positive ones.

Step 3 – Take a break

I know we don’t all have the ability to go on a luxurious holiday every other month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give ourselves a break when we need one! To be zen is to be mindful and to possess an awareness of the self, so if your body is telling you to take a break, listen to it. When you feel stressed out, bogged down and tired, take a break, you deserve it!.

Step 4 – Put your phone down

If you’re currently reading this post on your phone, then I’ll let you off, but you have to put your phone down once you’ve finished reading it! On a serious note though, how many of you pick your phone up and just scroll forever, for no reason? I’m guilty of this! It’s become a habit to pick your phone up without even thinking about it. Maybe 2022 is the year we live in the moment – put your phone down and really take in your surroundings (again, use your senses!) You will find that life is far more interesting when you live in the moment, instead of scrolling through twitter!

Step 5 – Do one mindful task each day

When you next eat something, even if it’s just a biscuit, really think about how you feel when you’re eating it. Ask yourself questions such as, what does it taste it? What does it look like? Does it crunch?  What does it feel like? It sounds bizarre, but once you start to concentrate on your senses it will make you present in your life rather than just plodding along stuck in your mind and thoughts

There we go guys, 5 steps to become more zen! Do you think you can do it? Even if you only incorporate a few of these zen techniques into your daily routine, it will be beneficial to both our brain and our body.

Thanks for reading my blog post and enjoy trying out these techniques.

Grace x

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