8 Self-improvement Tips To Help You In 2022…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is all about self-improvement and I thought I would offer some tips because it’s so important that we continue to focus on ourselves!

So, self-improvement is all about improving yourself, whether that’s personal development, learning new skills, or even improving the skills you already have – there’s so much we can do to enhance who we are. I’m going to share with you some tips on how to improve ourselves, bearing in mind, I really need to concentrate on this for 2022 as well – this is my main focus for this year.

1 // Set goals & write action plans

This is probably the best tip as you all know how much I love to feel organised, prepared and productive. Focus on yourself, it’s you that you are improving so ask yourself, Where do I want to be in one year, three years or five years? Make sure you visualise these goals, make them happen.

2 // Love Yourself

Again, this is so important. Love yourself. I know it’s probably easier said than done but it’s about time we all accept who we are and love ourselves for the who we are. We put ourselves down at every given opportunity but being against yourself will never help when it comes to improving yourself! Embrace everything about you, enjoy who you are and simply, be you.

3 // Exercise

Okay, so this is my weak point, I’ll be 100% real with you all – I hate exercising. I don’t know why but I just don’t enjoy it, it’s such a chore and some nights I just don’t have the energy to even attempt to work out. However, I am all about self-improvement and the Christmas weight is starting to make me feel rubbish about myself so it’s time to do something about it. 2022 is going to be year I exercise and feel good about my weight. Exercise is good for the mind, body and soul, it instantly relieves any emotions or stress and when I have exercised in the past, I always feel happy when I’ve finished. Let’s go!

4 // Eat better/healthier

Again, I am all for eating better!! 2021 I am going to eat so much healthier in an attempt to lose weight, help improve my skin and just feel good about myself. I genuinely eat healthy anyway but towards the end of the year (Christmas time), I was snacking lots, eating rubbish and eating waaaay too much food.  So, this is such a good tip for self-improvement because it instantly makes you feel good!

5 // Accept failure

At some point, you are going to fail. You may fail many times and that is okay. Failing is okay. In fact, maybe we should start embracing failure, it is only natural and you can learn so much from failing so whatever you do, if you want to improve, don’t fall for the lie that failing is bad.

6 // Stop wasting time

Yes. Yes. Yes. If you want to improve you need to stop wasting so much time……..Grace. This is something I am terrible for. I just waste time, why? I have no idea. I’ll have big plans to get loads done but I’ll sit and watch TV and before I know it, an hour has passed and nothing has been completed. The worst part is, I always feel mad at myself after I’ve wasted my time, I could’ve got so much done but instead I watched 3 episodes of the Kardashians that I’ve ALREADY SEEN!! So, if you’re like me, make sure you take some time to understand how you waste time and become more productive with your time. For example, learn a new skill, read more, work towards your goals, spend more time with loved ones. These are all self-improvement activities that will ultimately lead to happiness & success.

7 // Deal with negativity

We are our own critics, so we need to learn to face the criticism and deal with any negative thoughts and emotions we may have. Of course, at first, you may find this difficult to do; but over time, controlling your thoughts will become easier.

8 // Be Thankful

Lastly, if we want to focus on self-improvement, we need to always be thankful for what we have. I’ve started to reflect on my days more. I try to take a few minutes at the end of each day and think back on what happened during the day, what I have accomplished and acknowledge the positive things in my life and be thankful for them.

That’s it guys! I’m sure there are so many other self-improvement tips you can think of, but these are the ones I have come up with and I think they’re all very important. If you have any you would like to share, please feel free to comment below, we would all love to hear from you.

“Self-care is important, stop making excuses, stop saying you haven’t got time! Make time. Focus on yourself. Look after yourself. Spend time doing things that you enjoy!”

Grace x

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