How To Start A Self-care Routine…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are all having a lovely week so far!

How are you all doing? Have you taken time to focus on self-care? If so, comment below and let me know your self-care secrets!!

Today’s post is about that all important self-care routine!! Who has a routine in place already?

First things first, I want to start this post off by reminding you all that self-care is NOT selfish. Let’s say it again…. Self-care is NOT selfish! Nor is it a waste of time – it’s a very important part of our lives and something we need to focus more on. Let’s go back to basics and let’s ask ourselves a really simple question- on a scale of 1-10 how is your mental health? How is your physical health? How is your emotional health?

It doesn’t matter if you answered really low or really high, it’s about making sure we work on ourselves so that next time, we can be one step closer to that 10 (nobody is perfect though!)

I’m hoping I’m not alone when I say the hardest part about self-care is implementing it. There are still days when I forget to drink enough water or forget to take deep breaths. If you’re in the same boat as me then it might be worth setting reminders or downloading one of the self-care apps.

Even though sometimes we may beat ourselves over tiny things, the fact of the matter is, we actually deserve to take a break. I know this may not feel productive and if you like to be busy like me, taking a break can be quite difficult – however you need to take regular breaks from everything. It will help tremendously when it comes to stress and learning to approach things from a more optimistic point of view.

Self-care is very personal to you, so although I love finding out ideas and getting inspiration from Google/you guys, it should also be unique and tailored to meet your needs, so the below routine ideas can be adapted to you & your lifestyle.

How do you start a self-care routine?

  • Think about your daily schedule
  • Set goals for incorporating self-care into your daily routine
  • Write a list of self-care ideas and highlight the ones that interest you most
  • Listen to your mind & body
  • Find out what makes you feel happy/content
  • After 1 week, evaluate this routine
  • Make changes to the routine you have created

I think the main thing is to always be true to yourself and be R E A L! Always be realistic else all the hard work you put into creating the plan, will be lost the minute you start actioning it because it will scare you. For example, if you’re not a morning person, don’t force yourself to get up at 5am. If you know you like to chill in the evenings and have an early night, don’t schedule in an hour at the gym from 7pm. It’s all about being realistic and not giving yourself too much! The routine can be so simple but that’s okay. Sustainable habits are key to keeping up the routine you create. This is about building a routine that works for you, your schedule, your needs, your life, so why be anything other than real & honest with yourself?

Please remember that self-care is a practice; and like anything that you practice, it’s a case of trial & error. I can’t tell you what to plan in or what you should include in your self-care routine because it’s yours for a reason; everyone is different – what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. It’s all well and good me telling you to meditate or listen to music but you might prefer to go for a walk or read a magazine; that’s okay too! It’s whatever works for you.

As always, do what works for you. You’re the master of your own growth – no one can do this for you! Work on you, for you.

If you’d like me to write about self-care ideas and how I use different ideas in my routine, let me know!

Keep me updated,

Grace x

3 thoughts on “How To Start A Self-care Routine…

  1. Lovely post Grace!! Self-care is so important for us all to be thinking about. I’ll share this on my page for all of my readers to see 🙂

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