5 Ways To Transition Your Skincare Routine In Time Summer…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, I hope you are well!

So, are you finally feeling inspired by the lighter mornings and warmer weather? Me too! When the first signs of spring/summer start to emerge, it’s like a breath of fresh air – and we need that feeling, right?

Our skin loves it; it’s exposed less to cold, dry air and exposed more to higher moisture levels and milder temperatures. So, with the seasons changing, it’s time to take full advantage and switch up your skincare routine!

Why Should You Change Your Skincare Routine For Summer?

Just as your wardrobes and food choices can change from season to season, it’s important to change your skincare too. Seasonal changes result in a change in humidity, temperature, wind and sun exposure – and these factors can ALL affect your skin! So, tailoring your skincare seasonally is essential.

Summer may mean more sweating and exposure to impurities in the area too, which can both easily clog your pores, leaving your skin feeling dull – we don’t want that!!

So whether you’re sat by the pool reading this or getting ready to stock up on your skincare favourites, let’s discuss how to switch up our routines ready for the sunshine!

Here are a few ways to easily transition to your Summer skincare routine

1. Exfoliate Your Skin Each Week

Summer really is the ideal time to start bringing back weekly exfoliation! Our skin can become so dry and flaky in winter and although the skin cells may naturally fall off, some may not; and this can then lead to congested pores (on top of the sweat and pollution!). Exfoliating weekly will help to give you glowing skin for summer and using the right scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh and bright.

2. Moisturise and Protect (SPF!)

Of course, with Summer comes warmer weather! It doesn’t take much to tempt us to go outside when the weather is lovely and warm, but this does mean we will be exposed to sunshine more often and, maybe, for longer.

So, let’s provide our complexions with more moisture and SPF… Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is crucial to maintaining healthy skin and preventing any signs of ageing. Always apply moisturiser and SPF each day under your makeup – although the sun isn’t as hot as it will be in summer, you will still be exposed to the sun, so always make sure you are protected!

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydration is key, no matter what season it is but, in Summer, try swapping your heavier winter moisturiser for a few lighter layers of hydration. If you layer, you create a lighter moisture barrier which is just as effective (especially if you’re spending time outdoors!) You can layer by using facial oils, serums and face mists, and these will leave your skin feeling hydrated, plump and radiant.

4. Introduce Double Cleansing

If you haven’t already introduced double cleansing into your routine, Summer really is the time to do so! So, whether your Summer plans involve working, relaxing, going away or working out, the Summer weather can lead to more exposure to impurities – which results in clogged pores! Double cleansing involves using two different types of cleansers, one right after the other. The process involves washing your face, firstly with an oil-based cleanser followed straight after with one that’s water-based.

5. Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Finally, make sure you are bringing all your skincare products down your neck. In winter, we are so used to wearing high-neck jumpers and scarfs but as it’ll soon be time to swap jumpers out for strappy tops, you’ll need to start focusing more on taking care of your neck again. It’s important because it’s going to be exposed to sunlight and it deserves the love!

Thanks for reading guys!

Grace x


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