6 Skincare Essentials That You Need To Take On Holiday…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope you are well!

Today we are going to be discussing the perfect holiday skincare, because when there’s a limit on how much our luggage can weigh, we really need to pack effectively, tactically and sensibly!

I’ve recently just been to Portugal so of course I took some of my favourite skincare products and I think I used all of them, throughout the week! If I’m honest, there’s nothing worse than packing loads of products that end up not getting touched the whole time you’re there because I see it as ‘wasted space’ (so silly!)  Airports have imposed a strict 100ml limit on liquids in your hand luggage, so miniature products are perfect for that bag! Or, if you want bigger products, just pop them in your suitcase! I always think mini’s are good for weekends away but for a long holiday, I will probably need more than a 100ml micellar water!

When we go abroad, there can be a wide range of aspects that can effect our skin. As you are aware, skin is very sensitive to environmental factors, especially if you are spending extra time outside as this can cause multiple skin issues including hyperpigmentation, dryness, and breakouts.

Holiday Skincare Essentials:

  • Moisturiser – a good moisturiser helps to keep your skin healthy and hydrated so it’s always a must-have skincare product wherever you are in the world.
  • SPF – if there’s one product you forget to take, please don’t let it be SPF!!! UV exposure is one of the main causes of premature ageing; you need be safe and re-apply sunscreen throughout the day!
  • Cleanser – you have to take a good cleanser on holiday with you because at the end of the day you need to cleanse your skin gently yet effectively to clear your pores of products, dirt and pollution (the feeling of suncream on your face is not nice, so you need to cleanse well!)
  • Night cream – when you sleep, this is when your skin can repair itself. Therefore, if you apply a night cream it will help skin restoration and help hydration which will maintain a youthful complexion!
  • Face mist – this is just such a great product to take on holiday! Super refreshing and gives you that instant burst of hydration & moisture!
  • Hydrating face mask – whether you’re going all out with your packing or trying to pack light, a hydrating face mask is a must! Similar to the face mist, they are designed to provide immediate, long lasting hydrating effects. When you’ve spent the day in the sun, pop a face mask on and chill!

Okay so it’s time to discover which products I cannot live without when I go on holidays abroad and why they will make a huge difference to your holiday beauty routine. I’ve included mini’s and full size so you really can have a good browse through different options!

CeraVe Micellar Cleansing Water with Niacinamide & Ceramides for All Skin Types 295ml


Caudalie Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser 150ml


The INKEY List Fulvic Acid Brightening Cleanser 150ml


Lumene Nordic C Valo Glow Refresh Hydrating Mist 50ml


Garnier Moisture Bomb Green Tea Hydrating Face Sheet Mask for Combination Skin 32g


Aveda Nutriplenish Intense Hydration Crème Masque Travel Size 30ml


Bondi Sands Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ – Face 75ml


L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise Triple Active Hydrating Night Moisturiser (50ml)


Sanctuary Spa Moisture Burst Mini Face Wash 30ml


The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml


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