4 Signs That It’s Time To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Is it time to update your skincare routine? Maybe you’re wondering how you’ll go about updating it; but don’t worry, keep reading this post and you’ll soon find out!

I’ve written previous posts about updating your skincare routine ready for Winter or Summer etc, but sometimes, regardless of the season, you need to make some changes. It’s also worth mentioning that it doesn’t just have to be visible factors that make you change your routine such as blemishes, it can be as simple as whether or not you feel comfortable with your current routine.

1 // You’re developing new skin concerns

Every now and again our skin can react to the products we are using – it could even be a reaction to a product you have used for several years! This can be due to many factors but one of the underlying causes can be the fact that the skin’s barrier is getting compromised and damaged. You may notice more blemishes, bumps, eczema or even dry skin; in which you will want to start thinking about changing your routine to prevent this from happening again.

2 // Using too many products

The secret to a good skincare routine is to not overdo it! If you are using too many skincare products this can cause skin barrier function disruption which can lead to acne spots and other skin concerns. Simplicity is the key to a good skincare routine, so if you feel like you may be over doing it with the number of products you’re using, maybe now is a good time to only choose the absolute necessities!

3 // Oily skin

Although oily skin can be associated with hormonal changes, it can also be induced by an aggressive or incorrect skincare routine. It can be a sign of dehydrated skin so when your skin is lacking moisture, it tries to compensate by producing more oil. This is why it’s so important to moitsurise regularly. Perhaps you’ve noticed your skin is more oily, so maybe it’s time to change your routine and moisturise more or even change the moisturiser you’re currently using! A lightweight formula is ideal as it’ll penetrate your skin and hydrate at a deeper level without sitting on your skin and blocking your pores.

4 // Poor results from current routine

Okay, so we have to give a skincare product enough time to show us what it can really do, however, if you’re using a product for a very long time and you’re seeing zero results, do you really want to carry on using it? This is a sign that you need to change your routine and perhaps look for a different product to use instead! At the end of the day, it’s your money so if you’re not happy with the results, why stick with the routine? Change it up, see what other products are out there; you never know, you may find a new holy grail product!

There you go guys! Don’t forget that if you are switching up your routine and taking out products and bringing in new products, it’s always best to do it one at a time so you can easily judge if something is working for you and whether it is reacting well to your skin or not.

Grace x


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